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Control your Acne with Natural Remedies

Control your Acne with Natural Remedies

Events were recently brought to life about a drug I took for 10 years that prompted me to write this post. Diane 35, Bayer’s acne drug also used as a contraceptive, is probably going to be pulled from the shelves in France after 11 related deaths in Canada and 4 in France (read article here). … Continue reading

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The Good Habits

1. Drink a glass of water before going to bed and one first thing upon waking up in the morning. Night time is the most dehydrating time of your day because you go hours without drinking. So prepare for it prior, and repare after.
2. First thing in the morning: drink a tall glass of water at room temperature with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice (for cleansing purposes). You can also do the same with hot water during colder months.
3. In time for the weekend: clear your schedule of to do's and must go to's for at least one morning and sleep in until you wake up naturally.
4. Taste your food before you add salt to it. For all you know, the cook may have salted your dish just right or even over-salted it. Remember, excess sodium triggers water retention, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.
5. Starting on Sunday, go 5 days without alcohol and see how your body likes it.
6. Chew each mouthful of food until it is liquefied before swallowing. This will notify your gut that digestion needs to be kicked off, make your "gut transit time" shorter, and hereby make your digestion more efficient and more thorough in feeding your body with the right nutrients.
7. As cold and wintery as it is now, it is more important than ever to get some fresh air. An easy, necessary step? Upon waking up in the morning, open the windows and let fresh air in. It will detoxify the air in your room, the air in your lungs, and ensure that you are wide awake and ready for your daily adventures!

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