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Weight Loss

Calculate your Ideal Weight – A Method by a French Nutritionist

* Shameless re-use of a blog post of mine previously posted on The Global Socialite blog *

Summer’s threats of bikinis and light clothing are upon us in most of the Northern Hemisphere. There is no way to escape having to uncover our “wobbly bits” as Bridget Jones would say. Feeling panicked at the thought of having to flash your doughy thighs to hordes of hot men and fit women?

Fear not! Because knowledge is power, the first step is to know what your ideal weight is. Ready, Set your calculators, Go!

Pierre DukanCourtesy of Dr. Pierre Dukan

* Model to be used in kilograms. 1 kilo = 2.205 lbs. Your weight in lbs / 2.205 = your weight in kilos.


1. The highest weight you have ever been at (not including pregnancies): a =

2. The lowest weight you have ever been at: b =

3. Calculate: (a + b) / 2 = c

4. The weight you have been at for the longest time in your adult life (what in French is called “cruising weight”): d =

5. The weight you’d like to be at (dream weight): e =

6. Calculate: d + (e x 2) = f

7. Your height in meters: g =

Example: 5″5 = 1.65 m

8. Calculate: g x g x 42 = h

9. Calculate your base weight: (c + f + h) / 6 =

You base weight is: …..


As you respond to the below questions, add the given amount to or subtract it from your base weight.

1. Bone Structure

Circle your right wrist with your left hand making your thumb reach for your index finger.

– Your 2 fingers don’t touch (your bone structure is heavy): add 1.2 kilo

– Your 2 fingers touch or even overlap (your bone structure is light): subtract 0.8 kilo

2. Age

– Between 20 and 30: add 1 kilo

– Between 30 and 40: add 2 kilos

– Between 40 and 50: add 4 kilos

– More than 50: add 5 kilos

3. Pregnancies

– No children: do not add anything

– One child: add 1 kilo

– Two children: add 1.5 kilo

– Three children: add 2 kilos

– Four children: add 2.5 kilos

4. Genetics

Your parents, brothers and/or sisters have a tendency to gain weight.

– Yes: add 0.7 kilo

– No: do not add anything

5. Diet

Do you easily lose weight?

– No: add 0.8 kilo

– Yes: subtract 0.5 kilo

6. Water retention

Do you have a tendency to retain water? (difficulty to remove rings at night; swollen face in the morning; swollen legs at night…)

– Yes: add 0.3 kilo

– No: subtract 0.2 kilo

7. Stress

While experiencing stress, do you feel the need to snack or eat more?

– Yes: add 0.3 kilo

– No: subtract 0.2 kilo

8. Body Type

What is the shape of your body?

– Heavier at the bottom, buttocks, hips and thighs: add 0.25 kilo

– Heavier at the top, midsection, arms, chest: add 0.15 kilo

– Uniform: subtract 0.15 kilo

9. Movement

How would you define yourself as it relates to movement/daily activity?

– Very sedentary: add 0.4 kilo

– Very active: subtract 0.25 kilo

– In between: do not add or subtract anything

10. Eating Habits

Within a given week, are the majority of your meals happening quickly and in a stressed environment?

– Yes: add 0.5 kilo

– No: subtract 0.5 kilo

11. Exercise

Do you like to exercise?

– No: add 0.8 kilo

– Yes: subtract 0.5 kilo

12. Pre-Menopause

Are you there?

– Yes: add 1 kilo

– No (you are not in pre-menopause or you are in menopause already or in post-menopause): do not add or subtract anything

Your Ideal Weight is: …..

Congratulations, you now know the damage. Do not let yourself feel defeated before even having started! There are dozens of easy lifestyle and nutritional changes (that do not include deprivation and punishment) you can make daily that will help you with weight loss and walk you through to being your best self yet. This is war, my little chicks. War on the wobbly bits!


About Cecile Charlot

I believe that good food is essential for good health to happen. I believe this not only because good food was at the epicenter of my very French upbringing, but also because I am the living proof that it is true. With an emphasis on pleasure, mindfulness, and simplicity, as well as an appetite for reaping the delicious benefits of responsibly-grown, organic, local produce on a daily basis, I have turned my health and my life around. I am now enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and will graduate as a Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach in 2013! I will never look back. My life transformation is happening every instant of everyday. So can yours. It is time for choices. It is time for change. It is time for a food and health revolution. - xo Cecile www.cecilecharlot.com


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